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Compose Health gives anyone the ability to create compliant health content in moments. Transform how you brief, build, and approve Pharma content with generative AI.

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An AI use case with immediate business impact

<5 mins

Average omni-channel marketing communication production time with Compose Health.

>15 days

Average improvement to content production from improved content workflow.

0 Risk

Our platform works in your current content workflows, letting you experiment with genAI risk free.

Choose the model that Work for you

OpenAI partner? Establishing your own LLM? Or waiting to see how the market evolves? Compose Health works within your enterprise generative AI stack.

“You did in 4 minutes what it takes our agency two weeks to do.”
- Top 20 affiliate Commercial Ops lead
“90% of our content is written from our monograph. The business case for your platform is a slam dunk.”
- Top 10 global content production lead

Health content costs too much, takes too long, and isn't producing enough impact. It's time to try something different.